I invite you to scroll around on my website to learn more about my business.

Essentially, I private tutor French for those with any knowledge level (even none at all!) and want to be able to speak, write, and read fluently, or simply need extra after-school help.

I use unique learning approaches and techniques that have proved over the years to be quite effective for learning efficiently and with great confidence. 

Living in Montreal is perfect for immersing yourself in what French has to offer, so we’ll be getting out of our seats and exploring life!

If you are interested, please go to the “Contact Me” page and fill out the form. Your experience with learning French will depend on your own personal goals. 

Reviews From Previous Students

“I found my regular weekly one hour meeting with Camille Babington extremely productive and motivating in my approach to learning French. She was most helpful with pronunciation having a native born accent, and ensuring I understood the current “living” way to speak the language, not a tired textbook approach. I found her idea of me reading aloud to her from a simple novel allowed me to develop a sense of cadence and flow she felt important to comfortable speaking. I’d highly recommend Camille for her linguistic knowledge, positive energy and attentiveness to detail in developing an ease in beginning French.”

 – Andrew Garling, MD

“My weekly tutoring sessions with Camille last year were extremely beneficial, as she helped to reinforce everything that I’d learned been learning in school. At the same time, she also taught me other things such as new vocabulary, and french culture. I particularly liked her method of having me read passages from a book in order to improve my proficiency in pronunciation, and fluency. I would highly recommend Camille to anyone looking to improve their French speaking skills of any level.”

– Andrew Wong

“Tutoring with Camille is a fast and fun way to learn a new language. Instead of repetition and memorization, she makes you feel like you’re immersing in the culture and effectively learning!”

– Elizabeth Ward

“I thoroughly enjoyed having Camille Babington as my French tutor.  She is enthusiastic, patient and engaging.”

– Rick A. Ruth

My experience with Camille has been absolutely great. She is very professional and really creative when it comes to her way of teaching. I have no regrets choosing her as my tutor.”

– Oliver Tomé