Links for Online French Exercises (Basic Level)

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ūüôā ūüôā¬† ūüėõ¬† ūüėé Here are some links for online exercises. Verbes du premier groupe: Verbes du deuxi√®me groupe:¬† Verbes du troisi√®me groupe:¬† Verbes irreguliers:¬†   Articles d√©finis:¬† Articles ind√©finis:¬† Articles partitifs:¬† ou¬† ou¬† Les pr√©sentatifs:¬†

C.B. French Tutoring Article by Adam Scott

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French is a famous language but this doesn‚Äôt make it any easy to speak or understand it. It is not uncommon to see people struggle with this language. You might want to learn French for personal reasons or for professional ones. You might want to catch up with your new French friends or are travelling to France and want to …

Top 7 Best Memorization Techniques

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These are very helpful techniques to memorize vocab, conjugations, anything in any language. They have been proven methods that work by memorization and brain experts. Memorize the word within a phrase. Instead of “chat”, memorize “le chat noir” Connect it to your own life! Relate it to similar-sounding English or Spanish words, The sillier, the better Put words where you‚Äôll …